Continuing his attack against Modi government, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi today said that rising unemployment in India is a ‘MMD- Modi Made Disaster’ and after 3 years of NDA government, India’s expectations are shattered.

Speaking at the PHD chambers in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi said trust in Modi government is dead. People are fast losing trust with government.

“World is laughing at us with debates that Taj Mahal was built by Indians,” Rahul said.


1. Prime minister Modi has a very big chest but small heart.

2. Prime minister forget all cash is not black and all black is not bad.

3. Trust in this government is dead. Novermber 8th is the ‘barsi’ of note ban.

4. Modi ji and his government has given a double blow to our economy — note ban and GST.

5. GST or Gabbar Singh Tax has unleashed a tax terrorism. Small businesses are crying due to GST.

6. Business thrives on trust. Business is about creating harmony. The truth is that the trust in this government is dead. For some reasons, the PM and his government is absolutely convinced that every single person in this country is a thief.

7. ‘Startup India’ is good for economy but it cannot be accompanied by ‘Shut up India’

8. Bank recapitalisation announcement by the government targets only India’s bigg ..

9. China creates 50,000 jobs per day against Indian rate of 458; no amount of growth is good enough if it isn’t accompanied by jobs

10. Recent research by eminent economists have shown that economic inequality is at its highest in Modi regime


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